GameEngine::ProcessManager Class Reference

#include <ProcessManager.h>

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Detailed Description

Manages processes

Definition at line 13 of file ProcessManager.h.

Public Member Functions

 ProcessManager ()
 ~ProcessManager ()
void attach (boost::shared_ptr< Process > process)
void updateProcesses (const double &dt)
bool hasProcesses () const
void deleteProcessList ()

Private Member Functions

void detach (boost::shared_ptr< Process > process)

Private Attributes

ProcessList mProcessList

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GameEngine::ProcessManager::ProcessManager (  )  [inline]


Definition at line 18 of file ProcessManager.h.

GameEngine::ProcessManager::~ProcessManager (  )  [inline]


Definition at line 22 of file ProcessManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

void GameEngine::ProcessManager::attach ( boost::shared_ptr< Process process  ) 

Attach a new process to be managed

process The process to attach

Definition at line 25 of file ProcessManager.cpp.

void GameEngine::ProcessManager::updateProcesses ( const double &  dt  ) 

Update all attached process

dt Time since last frame was rendered

Definition at line 39 of file ProcessManager.cpp.

bool GameEngine::ProcessManager::hasProcesses (  )  const

true if there are some processes being managed, false otherwise

Definition at line 72 of file ProcessManager.cpp.

void GameEngine::ProcessManager::deleteProcessList (  ) 

Empty the contents of the process list, ends management of all processes

Definition at line 65 of file ProcessManager.cpp.

void GameEngine::ProcessManager::detach ( boost::shared_ptr< Process process  )  [private]

Detach a process, stops managing this process. Private function only, users should call destroy() on a process to achieve the same effect.

process The process to detach

Definition at line 32 of file ProcessManager.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

ProcessList GameEngine::ProcessManager::mProcessList [private]

Definition at line 50 of file ProcessManager.h.

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